Proceedings of the Iola Village Board of Trustees, Monday, December 10, 2018, 6:00 p.m.


     President Edler called the regular monthly meeting of the Iola Village Board of Trustees to order at 6:00 p.m. at the community center. President Edler made the open meeting statement that this meeting and all other meetings of this Board are open to the public. Proper notice has been posted and given to the press in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes so the citizenry may be made aware of the time, place and agenda of this meeting. Board members present; President Edler, Trustees Harper, Parks, Fenn, Murphy and Rasmussen. Trustee Briquelet was excused. Others present; clerk Johnson, attorney Meagher, Greg Loescher, officer Curt Field, Gene Goode, Chief Prahl and Holly Neuman. President Edler led the Board in the pledge of allegiance.

     Moved by David Harper, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, to approve minutes of the last regular meeting of November 12 as written, motion carried.

     Moved by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Pamela Parks, for the board to accept the police monthly statistical report as presented by Chief Prahl, motion carried.

   The monthly bills were presented to the finance committee for approval. The finance committee examined the bills and recommended that they be allowed. Moved by David Harper, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, that the recommendation of the finance committee be adopted and an order drawn on the treasury for the various amounts, motion carried.

     Moved by David Harper, seconded by Missy Fenn for the board to set the 2019 caucus date for Monday, January 14, 2019 at 5:45 p.m. at the community center prior to the next regular meeting, motion carried. Notice of this is to be published in the Waupaca County Post.

     Gene Goode of Fremont gave a presentation to the Board regarding the use of ATV and UTV vehicles within the Village limits. He has been helping several municipalities throughout this area of the State to adopt a model regulation.  

     These provisions are authorized by Chapter 23.33 of the Wisconsin Statutes. He is trying to have each municipality adopt the same rules within the County.

     It is possible to restrict both hours and routes. However, if all Village roads are available, they do not have to be marked and therefore he suggested that all roads be made available for this purpose. Only public roads are included so private roads will not be affected by the usage.

     Waupaca County already has an ATV/UTV patrol established and the Township of Iola has adopted a similar ordinance. Mr. Goode indicated that it would be necessary to conduct a public hearing prior to adoption of the ordinance. The Village Board was in agreement that a public hearing would be in order so it was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to hold a public hearing on the adoption of an ATV/UTV Ordinance in the form attached to these minutes. The public hearing will be held in the course of the regular January 2019 meeting.

     Greg Loescher gave a presentation to the Village Board regarding the need to update several signs in the area. Attached to the minutes is a copy of some of the signs being referred to in the presentation. Greg stated there are funds available in the Iola Community Development account to pay for the cost of the renovation, particularly the signs that welcome visitors to Iola. The Iola Lions Club will donate much of the labor necessary to construct the improvements.

     Jim reported that the library “open house” will be held on Sunday, January 13 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

   Motion to adjourn by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by David Harper, motion carried, meeting adjourned. Dan Johnson, Village Clerk

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