2013 Lake District Meetings

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Monday, March 25, 2013, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Dave Harper, Gary Richards, Jerry Harvancik, Terry Murphy

Absent: Mike Devine

Also present: Steve Fleckenstein, Clifford Schmidt, Roger Olson, Tom Francis, Jack Kuhr, Carole Marchetti, Ralph and Sandy Bostwick, Norman Perry, Raymond Yaunke, Merlin Mayer, Ron Thierfelder

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Harvancik. He led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the agenda. Passed.

No treasurer’s report was given.

Harvancik reported on work at the dam. The storm sewer was cut and the box put it. The pipe was put into the lake on or about March 1. A valve will be put into the box when it is finished. Contractor said the final plans from Davy Engineering were delivered Jan. 29, 2013, and that is when the valve could be ordered. Jim Kochie of Davy said valve will be delivered in the third week of April to the contractor. We have plug for the end of the pipe. Tom Fucik installed stop logs and bottom of dam gates. Scott Kinke of DNR gave verbal order to extend drawdown permit to accommodate the valve installation. Bringing the water level back up requires cooperation with the dam operator in Scandinavia and with mill owner Tom Fucik. Harvancik will speak with him.

Steve Fleckenstein asked the cost of the project. Bid was $46,980 plus engineering costs. Total looks like $63,630. Terry Murphy noted that a change order to the Village of Iola reduced the length of the intake pipe to 24 feet from 40 in plans. Why? Harvancik said Davy didn’t want pipe in front of dam.

Steve Fleckenstein asked if the lake will be restocked. Harvancik said DNR will do it if necessary. Murphy said DNR said we will be surprised at how quickly the fish population recovers.

Harvancik said no wake signs have been requested for the two boat landings. A discussion followed about the pier. Murphy said we need a good roll-in dock. Fleckenstein said the peninsula needs to be kept up.

Harvancik said he would look into annual meeting sites. Ron Theirfelder said we could use the fitness center for free.

Gary Richards will attend Green Bay lake conference April 9-11. Cost is $130.

Harper/Murphy moved to reimburse Richards $130. Passed.

Murphy said Jim Wait of Clintonville wants a representative from each lake district to meet and kick around what is going on in each district.

Clifford Schmidt said last year’s lake survey results will have to be used for any weed spraying planning. He said he would submit permit application based on last year’s survey.

Harper/Richards moved to adjourn. Passed. The meeting was adjourned by Harvancik at 6:43 p.m.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Monday, April 29, 2013, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Mike Devine, Jerry Harvancik, Dave Harper

Absent: Gary Richards, Terry Murphy

Also present: Merlin Mayer, Ken Theisen, Jim Guyette, Bob Dix, Cliff Schmidt, Harold Washburn, Norman Perry, Raymond Yaunke, Ignazio Nanfria, Ron Thierfelder, John Bertelson, Tom Francis

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by President Jerry Harvancik. He led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Harper/Devine moved to adopt the agenda as printed. Passed.

Harper/Devine moved to adopt the minutes of the March 25, 2013, meeting. Passed.

Mike Devine gave the treasurer’s report. As of Jan. 1, 2013, checking was $1,213 and the money market account stood at $13,354.73 for a total of $14,567.73. Since then he paid $36.48 for locks for the dam and $170 to the Department of Natural Resources for a spraying permit. White oak planks for the dam gates cost $647.88 from Menard’s. A check was received from the Town of Iola for $985.82. It is most of the 2012 tax levy. The district holds a balance of $14,699.19. Received but not yet paid was a $3,674.86 bill from Davy Engineering. The Village of Iola owes the district the 2012 tax levy of $23,950.67. Town of Iola owes a remaining $472.51. There is also in the overall balance $1,098 for the annual fishing contest. Havancik interjected that the boards were installed by Tom Fucik, Ron Thurston and John Bertelson.

Harper/Harvancik moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Harvancik reported the drawdown was extended to May 9 to allow completion of the project that cut into the storm sewer as a new outlet just below the sluice of the dam. He said there had been problems when water was run through the new cement box causing cave-ins. The contractor was here. Davy was notified. Tom Fucik fastened a cover over the intake to shut off the water flow. The contractor and Davy were due back April 30 to install the valve and make everything right. Once done, the water level will be raised. Harvancik said the contractor assures us of making the best job of it. So far bills totaling about $46,000 have been received from the work from the contractor in addition to engineering bills. If we want a grate over the intake pipe, it will cost another $1,400. A discussion was held and those in attendance shared their observations and feelings about the project.

Harvancik said the annual meeting arrangements at the Iola Old Car Show Activity Center will cost $85 for the June 1 annual meeting.

Harper/Devine moved to hold the annual meeting at the Iola Old Car Show Activity Center at 9-11 a.m. Saturday, June 1, 2013. Motion passed.

After a working discussion to put the budget together, Harper/Devine moved to adopt a 2013-2014 budget recommendation to the annual meeting totaling $28,725. Passed.

Harper/Devine moved to recommend a tax levy of $27,425. Passed.

Harvancik said brat fries would be held Saturday June 8 and Sept. 7. He said No Wake signs would be posted by the village at the request of the lake district. There will be a new pier at the peninsula. This the Village of Iola will install.

Harper/Devine moved to change the time of the regular monthly commissioners meeting from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Motion passed.

Nominations were asked for by Harvancik for a three-year term as commissioner to replace him. His three-year term expires in June. John Bertelson was nominated. Other nominations were asked for three times. No further nominations were made.

Harper/Devine moved to recommend John Bertelson to the annual meeting to fill a three-year term. Passed.

Harper/Devine moved to adopt the agenda of the 2013 annual meeting as assembled. Passed. It will be mailed to all property owners in the district.

Harper/Devine moved to adjourn. Passed. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m. by Chairman Harvancik.

Dear Iola Lake District Property Owner:

The Lake Iola Lake District annual meeting will be held at 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Saturday, June 1, 2013, at the Iola Old Car Show, Inc., Activity Center on the Old Car Show grounds behind the Krause Publications building.

The agenda is as follows:

1. Call to order

2. Approval of the agenda

3. Secretary’s report

4. Treasurer’s report

5. Chairman’s report

7. New business

a.) Drawdown wrap-up report

b.) Dam modification report. Likely cost $63,630 as of 4/29/13

c.) Dam modification cost financing via loan from Village of Iola to be repaid over three years

d.) 2013-2014 budget (see details below)

e.) 2013 property tax. If the budget presented below is adopted, the tax levy is $27,425, up $2,016 from 2012 levy of $25,409. For comparison, levy in 2010 was $32,953

f.) Election of three-year board member. The term of Jerry Harvancik expires. John Bertelson nominated.

g.) Other business that may legally come before the annual meeting

8. Adjournment

Budget recommendation for Year 2013-2014


Tax levy: $27,425.00, up $2,016.00

Old Car Show: $1,200.00 (Earned by volunteers at Old Çar Show. If you haven’t helped before, please consider.)

Shared revenue $100.00

Total income: $28,725.00

Uncommitted fund balance 4/29/13: $34,449.37

Note: The district budget is front-end loaded. Income comes to the district primarily from the tax levy, which is collected from December until spring. Expenses occur almost exclusively from June through September. As these are paid, our fund balance is drawn down to meet them and then is replenished with the levy adopted at annual meeting.

Projected 2013-2014 expenses

Dam loan repayment $10,000.00

DNR permits 300.00

Publication fees 300.00

Attorney 500.00

WCLA 25.00

Annual meeting $600.00 (This includes cost of this mailing, auditorium rental)

Weed control $7,000.00

Weed cutting contingency $5,000.00

Contingency $5,000.00

Total: $28,725.00


This is proposed distribution of funds uncommitted as of 4/29/13.

Loan down payment $23,950.67

Lake clean-up fund $10,498.70

Total $34,449.37


David C. Harper, Secretary

P.O. Box 93

Iola, WI 54945

Minutes of the annual meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District held at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 1, 2013, at the Iola Old Car Show Activity Center.

All commissioners present: Dave Harper, Jerry Harvancik, Terry Murphy, Gary Richards and Mike Devine

The meeting was called to order by President Jerry Harvancik at 9:03 a.m. He introduced the commissioners to everyone in attendance. He then led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Al Machetti moved to adopt the agenda as published and mailed to all lake property owners. Al O’Conner seconded the motion. Motion passed.

The written secretary’s report, which consisted of the agenda/budget, minutes of the April 29, 2013, meeting and minutes of the June 2, 2012, annual meeting, was moved for adoption by Jack Kuhr and Mary Timdal. Motion passed.

Mike Devine gave his treasurer’s report. He paid a newspaper bill for $15.13 and paid Tom Fucik $647.88 for the replacement planks used in the dam. The balance in the checking is $1,977.21 and there is $12,706.85 in the money market account. The combined total balance of the district is $14,684.06.

Jack Kuhr/Dave Harder moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Jerry Harvancik gave his chairman’s report. He said the dam project was finished. The valve was tested and approved. On May 10 the raising of the lake level began. No weed cutting is planned for this year. Cliff Schmidt’s report was cited saying there is no need for weed spraying this year. The launch site at the pier in the park is being worked on. The drawdown has caused some logs to float to new locations and everyone is urged to be careful on the water. The no wake signs are being worked on. There will be a DNR fish survey early this fall. It will be the electric shock method. There will be some restocking by the DNR, 10,000 Northern Pike fingerlings will be released in the next few weeks and 6,000 large mouth bass in the early fall. The ice fishing contest will be held during the Winter Carnival in 2014 if the fish survey says its OK. It was not held during the drawdown in 2012 or 2013. There is a balance of $1,098 in the district’s funds that has been raised by brat fries. This money will go to support the ice fishing contest, No tax money is involved in this event. Harvancik said he would like to see it continue. It is a family-oriented event. He thanked IGA for the brat fries and the 60-40 split of the proceeds. The bigger share goes to the district. The next one is June 8, 2013, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be another one on Sept. 7, 2013. Volunteers were asked for to staff the two events. The meeting time of the monthly commissioners’ meetings has been changed to 7:30 p.m. from 6 p.m.

Tom Fucik was acknowledged for his work on behalf of the district in helping with the drawdown and dam projects. There was a round of applause.

Ron Thurston was also acknowledged for his help in evaluating the needs of the dam project from the engineering standpoint.

John Bertelson was thanked for his help whenever something needed doing, including taking photos of the project.

Harvancik said it was a community project that went well because all contributed something. He thanked everyone present and noted that he was stepping down from his leadership position. He thanked the commissioners.

Secretary Dave Harper read a resolution of thanks to Harvancik for his exemplary service to the district.

In the drawdown wrap-up, Terry Murphy said his customers at the motel have reported catching a lot of northerns and bass. There are nice fish out there.

The lake depth survey will be conducted during the winter when the lake is frozen by volunteers. They will put holes in the ice at GPS coordinates previously measured. This will tell us what has changed.

Al Bellows said areas where there were two feet of muck are free of it and a lot of sediment is gone. Harvancik pointed out that results vary by location and the muck was gone in front of his house. Bellows also expressed concern about the logs.

Tom Fucik said the current water level was a bit higher than its regulation height.

Vicki Bellows asked if we got the full effect of the drawdown. Harvancik said we did. And with the new outflow through the storm sewer modification project we are getting the benefit of a bottom draw of water. This takes out more silt.

Dave Harper read the budget. John Bertelson asked what the hourly rate was for the line covering the amount of money earned at the Old Car Show. The answer was $6 per hour.

Al O’Connor/Al Marchetti moved to adopt the 2013-2014 budget with total income of $28,725 and total expenditure at that figure. Motion passed.

Jack Kuhr/Mary Timdal moved to approve the tax levy of $27,425. Passed.

The commissioners had nominated John Bertelson for a three-year term as commissioner to succeed Jerry Harvancik. President Harvancik asked three times for other nominations. Hearing none, Bertelson was approved by acclamation of all present. He said a few words about himself. He is 47, originally from Racine. He has a house here but he spends a great deal of time in Plover caring for his parents.

Al Marchetti/Jack Kuhr moved to adjourn. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned by Harvancik at 9:40 a.m.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Monday, June 24, 2013, at 7:30 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Dave Harper, Terry Murphy, Mike Devine, Gary Richards, Jerry Harvancik, John Bertelson

Also present: Dean Glunn, Ray Yaunke, Norm Perry, Ignazio Nanfria, Ron Thierfelder and Dave Harder

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 p.m. by Chairman Harvancik.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the agenda as written. Passed.

Harvancik then led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Murphy/Richards moved to approve the secretary’s report of the minutes of the June 1 annual meeting. Passed.

Treasurer Mike Devine report that he had written a check to Dave Harper in the amount of $451.75 as reimbursement for the costs of the annual meeting mailing. A check for $85 went to the Old Car Show for use of the activity center. The IGA brat fry generated $192 but $8 went for signs at the dam, so $184 was deposited. The money market account has $12,706.85 and checking is $1,578.55 for a total of $14,285.40. The brat fry balance in the total is $1,282. It provides funds to support the annual fishing contest in February, paying for prizes, etc.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

The new dam outflow pipe is functioning. A guard rail is needed. John Bertelson reported that kids were throwing stuff in the outflow pipe cement box and in the spillway. A suggestion was made to to put up a pole with both a sign and a camera and bring up the idea to the village board. Terry Murphy said cameras can scan 360 degrees. The Village of Iola recently had a presentation on camera capabilities. Marion has installed one and this greatly reduced vandalism at a park.

Mike Devine asked if everything was working? Jerry Harvancik replied that he did not think it was working as advertised. Stanley Martenson of Martenson and Eisle visited with members of the lake district. The valve is leaking. The mill generator is still down so water is not flowing through it. Mr. Martenson is checking the outflow pipe at no cost to the district. He will inspect it, but we are waiting for the mill repairs to allow shutting the water off at the outflow pipe. Then it can be dried for inspection. Village attorney sent the district a letter enumerating all project costs. The district believes these repair costs should be paid by the village. It was suggested that Village President Joel Edler be called.

A June 18 letter from Cliff Schmidt said no Eurasian water milfoil was present so no spraying was needed this year. Mike Devine said he talked to Cliff. Curly leaf pondweed

is not present, but a nonexotic pondweed was present, meaning it is not something that can be sprayed. Devine said his bay was full of pondweed, milfoil and lily pads. John Bertelson said it was similar in his channel. Schmidt said he would check later for Eurasian water milfoil, but the curly leaf pondweed treatment should be canceled.

For the election Mike Devine agreed to serve again as treasurer, Dave Harper agreed to serve again as secretary and John Bertelson agreed to serve as president. Richards/Murphy nominated them as a slate. A unanimous vote was cast in favor, so the motion passed.

Jerry Harvancik said thanks to everyone for their support.

John Bertelson took over the meeting.

Murphy/Richards moved to change the meeting time to 6 p.m. on the final Tuesday of each month. Motion passed.

Devine/Richards moved to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Bertelson at 8:05 p.m.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: John Bertelson, Gary Richards, Dave Harper and Terry Murphy

Absent: Mike Devine

Also present: Steve Fleckenstein, Merlin Mayer, Tom Francis, Bob Dix, Clifford Schmidt, Jack Kuhr, Jerry Harvancik, Bob and Shellie Lutz, Ray Yaunke, Norm Perry, Bob Thierfelder, Ignazio Nanfria and Dean Glunn

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman John Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the agenda as printed. Passed.

Due to a computer failure, no minutes were available of the June 24 meeting.

Mike Devine sent his financial report in writing. It was presented by Dave Harper.

As if June 24 the money market account was $12,406.85 after deducting $300 to pay the DNR for a weed harvest permit. The checking account balance was $1,563.55 after a $15 check to Waupaca County for lot records. The total is $13,970.40 and this amount includes $1,282 of brat fry money used to buy prizes during the ice fishing contest.

Harper/Murphy moved to adopt Devine’s financial report. Passed.

Bertelson reported that the Village of Iola has March and April bills from Davy Engineering for dam work. He has told the village not to pay them yet. Also the village has a bill from Peak, the contractor, for $10,673.90. He said this bill is for repairs of the initial work and should not be paid. He said the new outflow installation at the dam was installed in March. In April the water rose and problems developed. The repair work was finished in early May.

Terry Murphy said Peak’s insurance would not cover remedial costs.

Tom Francis inquired about Brian Watters’ bill. It is incorporated in the Peak bill.

Jerry Harvancik reported that DNR had granted an extension to May 9 to start raising the water level. Murphy said the changes to the dam plans don’t make any sense to him.

The special order concrete plug cost $938.

Bertelson said weed control is our major mission. Current problem is because water level was not raised soon enough. On July 10 DNR’s Ted Johnson and his assistant assessed the lake. Going along in kayaks were Merlin Mayer and Bertelson.

Bertelson said the northwest part of the lake saw the best drawdown impact. The main channel was re-established. The long grass is not expected to return next year. There are a lot of small fish. Algae is present due to decaying upland vegetation. Its presence should drop in future years. The DNR says the lake is in a normal condition for this time after the drawdown. DNR understands the lower lake looks bad and approves weed cutting to improve esthetics and remove biomass. Bertelson shared photos. A second set of photos went upstream.

Clifford Schmidt said he surveys sites for weeds. Murphy said dying plants take oxygen out of the water. There are snails. Fleckenstein asked if the district would spray for algae. Bertelson said no and that its presence is typical. Schmidt said the cara died and is now floating and phosphate levels are high. Harvancik said the channel is opened up and that is what DNR wanted.

Bertelson said the DNR depth survey will occur this winter.

It was observed that the lake level was down. Bertelson said he would talk to Tom Fucik of the mill. Tom will install the grate on the intake because he has scuba gear. At this time he is sending water over the dam because he is not generating electricity. Eventually, he will operate all three water outflow points, his mill, the dam and the lake drain.

A fish survey and a weed survey will be done. Bertelson noted that 10,000 little northerns were put in the lake.

Weed cutting was discussed. 30 hours of cutting was suggested for 15 acres. Schmidt’s contract specifies $170 per hour of cutting. That totals $5,100. However, a motion was made to authorize the cutting at a cost not to exceed $5,000. This complies with the budget. Murphy/Richards made the motion. It passed with four votes in favor, none opposed. However, Mike Devine had sent a written message that he opposed weed harvesting this year as it is too late in the season.

Merlin Mayer said weeds will die off and go over the dam. Schmidt said he would pass in and pass out of every channel with his cutter. Mayer said the river did a terrific job of scouring. Sediment was banked. Ray Yaunke asked if main channel can be opened at Tresness bridge. Mayer said a pond is back in there. Tom Francis brought up the topic of dredging. Harvancik said DNR said cost is over $1 million. Mayer said the pond is a catch basin and to change that it must be dredged. Bertelson said he would talk to the DNR.

Schmidt said he would begin cutting Aug. 5 or Aug. 6.

Bertelson said he was meeting with groups as part of a community outreach effort to introduce himself as the contact point. The district will have a page on the Village of Iola website.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m. The motion to authorize this change from the usual date was made by Murphy/Richards. Passed.

Murphy thanked Harvancik for his work for the district. He did an excellent job and was very dedicated. Those in attendance applauded. Murphy/Richards moved to adjourn. Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Wednesday Aug. 21, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Gary Richards, Dave Harper, John Bertelson, Mike Devine

Absent: Terry Murphy

Also present: Cliff Schmidt, Bob Dix, Merlin Mayer, Tom Francis, Ralph and Sandy Bostwick, Dean Glunn, Hap Washburn and Bob Thierfelder

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson.

Richards/Harper moved to adopt the agenda as written. Passed.

Motion to approve minutes of the June 24 meeting corrected to replace Curly leaf pondweed “is not present” to “is sporadic” moved by Richards/Devine. Passed.

Mike Devine gave the treasurer’s report. As of July 30 there was $12,406.85 in the money market fund and $1,563.55 in checking. Written were an Aug. 7 check of $19.82 to Community Publications for legal notice and an Aug. 11 check for $5,000 to Schimdt Landscaping for weed cutting. A deposit was made in checking of $53. It was the shared revenue payment from Wisconsin. New balances are $7,406.85 in money market and $1,596.73 in checking for a grand total of $9,003.58 of which $1,282 is brat fry money.

Invoice for weed cutting noted that 30 hours of cutting occurred Aug. 4-6, 18 loads removed 40 tons of biomass. Richards/Harper moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Bertelson gave a dam update. As far as Davy Engineering is concerned the project is not yet completed. Discussions are ongoing.

Bob Dix asked about up and down lake levels. Bertelson said Tom Fucik controls level. It is electronically monitored. It will allow some water over the dam’s spillway. The last three weeks the level has been 1.80.

Bertelson said he talked to Lions on Monday night, Aug. 19. He was going to contact the American Legion to do the same. When DNR will be asked about geese control. Ted Johnson will be asked to bring results of other lake drawdowns. On Aug. 8 two DNR agents from the Sheboygan office surveyed the lake as part of a 5-year study on invasive species. Iola was selected in a random process.

A brat fry is set for Sept. 7. Bertelson asked for volunteers.

Richards/Harper moved to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Bertelson at 6:59 p.m.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday September 24, 2013, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Mike Devine, Terry Murphy, Gary Richards, John Bertelson

Absent: Dave Harper

Also present: Robert Dix, Cliff Schmidt, Jane Myhra, Vicki Bellows, Jerry Harvancik, Norman Perry, Ron Thierfelder, Tom Fucik, Merlin Mayer, Sandy Bostwick, Dean Glunn, Ted Johnson, Alan Niebur, Scott Koehnke

The meeting was called to order at 6:01 p.m. by President John Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a public meeting statement.

Devine/Richards moved to adopt the agenda as printed. Passed.

Murphy/Devine moved to adopt the minutes of the August 21, 2013, meeting. Passed.

Mike Devine gave the treasurer’s report. As of this meeting, the checking account was at $1,726.98 and the money market account stood at $7,556.85, for a total of $9,283.83. Prior to the meeting, a check for $1,337.63 was received from this year’s car show volunteer work, and it will be deposited.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Bertelson reported that the money from the car show reflected 220.75 hours of adult and 3.75 hours of child volunteer work. He also went on to thank Mary Devine, Ralph & Sandy Bostwick, Dave Harper and the staff of Iola Sentry for their assistance with the Brat Fry on September 7th. A total of $130.25 was raised and is intended to be put towards the next ice fishing contest. Bertelson also mentioned the receipt of a $150 refund for the chemical spray permit, which was not used this year.

DNR representatives Ted Johnson, Alan Niebur and Scott Koehnke were present to address questions and concerns with the recently completed drawdown. Bertelson mentioned that the issues with the bottom-draw project at the dam may have contributed to the amount of weeds this year. By not installing the project last fall, the lake level never achieved the lowest possible depth over winter, then the problems with the project this spring led to a delay in filling the lake.

Ted Johnson began the session by explaining that more data need to be gathered in order to issue a more formal drawdown report later. Fish surveys, depth measurements and an aquatic plant survey will give a more complete picture of the effectiveness of the drawdown.

Bob Dix reported that he saw way too many weeds and slimy algae this year. Ted Johnson responded that he also saw many beneficial aquatic plants, mostly in the upper end of the lake, but there also were some in the lower end.

Merlin Mayer observed that the lily pads did not come back in the shallow areas where the water had dried up. Cat tails have taken over some areas, and he wondered if the lily pads would come back. Ted said that it would be possible to expand the weed harvesting if needed. Ted was asked if lily pads were protected, and he stated that it was a case-by-case basis, and he will work with us as needed.

Cliff Schmidt mentioned that the curly leaf pondweed was more sporadic now and not as colonized as before. No Eurasian water milfoil was seen, but Ted indicated that it tends to come back with a vengeance, and it will need to be sprayed when it does.

Jerry Harvancik said that there seems to be quite a few shrubs and popple trees growing in the lake. Ted said that any of these plants in over one foot of water will die out over time. The same will occur with the reed canarygrass.

Vicki Bellows asked about when the fish would come back. Alan Niebur said that they plan on doing a fish survey this coming Thursday evening. Results will be compared with prior surveys. A total of 10,300 eight to nine inch northern were stocked this summer and 5,150 largemouth bass were stocked this fall. Plans are to stock for the next couple years too, depending on survey results. Northern typically grow 24” to 30” in three years. There are no management plans for pan fish, since the predators need to come back first to keep the pan fish population in check. Pan fish came back strong in Marion after their drawdowns in 2006 (voluntary) and 2009 (repairs to dam). Bluegills usually grow 6 ½” to 7” within four years. Alan said that yellow perch dominated in Marion, and Ted saw the same thing in Neenah Lake.

Tom Fucik reported seeing a lot of small fish swimming upstream this spring, going up into the lake through the new bottom-draw project at the dam. Water was free-flowing through the structure in March and April.

Sandy Bostwick asked why the fish were shocked during the night. Alan said it is easier to capture the fish at night, since they tend to be easily spooked during the day. He invited people to come along and watch, as long as they keep a reasonable distance from their boat. They will start at the boat landing around dusk. They plan to cover about a half-mile of shoreline like they did before. This time they are only identifying fish species and doing a count, with a more comprehensive fish survey planned in three or four years.

Mike Devine asked if the lily pads will keep growing. Ted indicated that they won’t come back in the deeper areas. Terry Murphy asked what was considered deeper water. Cliff mentioned seeing them grow in 6 or 7 feet of water by the tavern.

Jerry asked if the canarygrass, lily and cattail growth was due to the late fill of the lake. Ted said that a normal fill would have helped.

Cliff mentioned that there was a lot of chara before the drawdown, but he sees none on the bottom now. Ted indicated that Neenah Lake had a similar experience, but the plant

came back strong. As for milfoil, Cliff said that the whorled milfoil, which is native, was not seen in the upper part of the lake, and while it was still in the lower half, it was not as bad. Most of the weed harvesting this year was in the lower half of the lake. Ted didn’t know why cattails took over in the upper half of the lake, but that they are good for wildlife habitat.

Ron Thierfelder said that in the areas that were totally dry during the drawdown, the lily pads were replaced by popple trees. He asked if the lily pads would come back, and Ted said they would.

Ted then went on to talk about weed removal. Homeowners are allowed to remove weeds along 30 continuous feet of their shoreline without needing a permit. They can go out into the lake as far as they need to. They can either pull out or cut the weeds. Next year, Ted is willing to approve a blanket permit for those homeowners who want to remove weeds in areas greater than 30 feet. What he allows will depend on his observations in late May or early June when he surveys the lake. Jerry pointed out that, based on past practices, the Lake District should pay for the blanket permit, but each homeowner would be responsible for their own costs for weed removal. Vicki asked if it mattered whether or not the area to be cleared was around a pier, and Ted said that it was up to the homeowner. Dean Glunn pointed out that homeowners should be able to hire any person they want for chemical treatments as long as they were licensed. Others pointed out that homeowners can apply their own granules whether or not they were licensed, but Ted cautioned that there were liability issues homeowners should consider before doing this on their own, plus they still need to get a permit. Terry Murphy supported the blanket permit for all interested homeowners next year, with the Lake District paying the permit costs. As for chemical application costs, Cliff indicated it’s about $40 for 30 feet if a licensed person does it. Merlin pointed out that normally only 10% of the lake surface is allowed to be chemically treated, but Ted said that it would not be an issue for this homeowner work.

Cliff mentioned that he understood that a grant had been applied for the Onterra study, but that it wasn’t needed. Ted said that our lake management plan does need to be updated since it was more than five years old, but the DNR may be able to help us with costs to get it done next year. He should know more by the end of October.

Merlin observed that the drawdown seemed to work well for the riverbed, with the sediment being more disbursed than before. There seems to be more sediment in the channels and sides.

The subject of dredging was discussed. Scott Koehnke said that part of the permitting process involves a thorough chemical analysis of the material to be dredged. If it is considered hazardous, it will be very costly to dispose of it. If hazardous material is found during this testing, there is no requirement to remove it. If dredging is done, the lake would have to be drawn down again, and costs typically run about $15 per cubic yard of material removed. No grants are available for dredging. Ted mentioned that Weyauwega had pursued a dredging permit, and they spent a lot of money in the

permitting process only to stop the effort when costs were seen as prohibitive. Scott told about an experience at Smith Lake, where cadmium was found which would have resulted in costs of $100,000 per cubic yard for removal. Scott said that’s it’s best to stay with an active weed management plan, and to use the bottom-draw for silt removal.

Merlin pointed out that every year silt comes into the lake. Silt traps were then discussed. Scott pointed out that silt taps were best suited for short-term projects and small streams. Alan agreed, and said that the traps tend to fill in quickly. Scott said that our system was too large for silt traps to be effective.

Dredging costs were discussed again. Scott said that typically four 6-foot deep core samples are taken from the area to be dredged. A total of 26 chemical tests are done on each 1-foot section of sample, which can be very expensive. For dredging itself, Scott has seen costs as high as $70,000 for a 25’x150’ area containing only sand and this didn’t include costs for the core samples testing or the permit.

For those areas that seem to have more sediment buildup due to the drawdown, Scott said that next spring’s flush of the lake along with the new bottom-draw dam modification project should greatly help to move sediment downstream. Winds will also help to redistribute sediment depending on whether it is composed of sand or silt. Jerry did remind everyone that the drawdown was approved by the majority of Lake District voters, and it is what it is at this point so we need to be patient to see the results. Dean was disappointed that the channels had not seen much benefit with the drawdown.

Ted, Alan and Scott were thanked for being there that night, and for their efforts in helping us understand and deal with the aftermath of the drawdown.

Vicki brought up the notice in May about statewide no wake rules. Scott said that the Lake District was able to enact its own ordinances, and then it would have the ability to enforce them.

Bertelson read a letter from the Iola River Walk Project soliciting funds from the community to help complete the project. He asked the board to consider donating $100 from the brat fry proceeds towards this cause. Murphy/Richards moved to donate the money to the project, and it passed unanimously.

Richards/Murphy moved to adjourn. Passed. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Dave Harper, Gary Richards, John Bertelson, Terry Murphy, Mike Devine

Also present: Vicki Bellows, Clifford Schmidt, Ray Yaunke, Ron Thierfelder, Norm Perry, Jerry Harvancik and Merlin Mayer

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He read the open meeting statement.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the agenda as written and published. Passed.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the minutes of the Sept. 24 as written. Passed. The minutes in September were taken by Bertelson in the absence of Dave Harper.

Devine gave the treasurer’s report. The money market account held $7,556.85 as of the September meeting to which was deposited a $1,337.63 check from the Old Car Show for a new total of $8,894.48. The checking balance at last meeting was $1,726.98 from which was subtracted a $100 riverwalk donation taken from brat fry funds and $37.37 to pay for legal notice at the County Post. This leaves a checking balance of $1,589.61. The combined total is $10,484.09. He summarized the year’s financial activity. The carryover amount was $13,354,73 in the mm account as of Jan. 1, 2013. Taken was $5,947.88 for expenses. Expenses were mm check 1045 $647.88 for new dam planks, mm check 1046 $300 DNR weed harvesting permit and mm check 1047 $5,000 for Schmidt weed harvesting. This left $7,406.95 to which was added $1,487.63 in deposits. $150 was a refund from DNR and $1,337.63 from the Old Car Show, bringing the total to $8,894.58. He noted that this figure is a dime off of the actual amount in the mm account and he was not going to look for the discrepancy.

The checking account carryover was $1,213. Deposits totaled $1,353.07. This revenue was $985.82 from the Town of Iola, $184 from the June 10 brat fry, $53 from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and $130.25 from the Sept. 7 brat fry. This adds up to $2,566.07. Expenses were $976.46, broken down as check 422 $36.48 to Jerry Harvancik for dam padlock, check 423 $170 to DNR for chemical permit, check 424 $15.13 to Journal Publishing, check 425 $451.75 to D.C. Harper as reimbursement for annual meeting mailing, check 426 $85 Old Car Show room rent for annual meeting, check 427 $45.91 Journal Publishing, check 428 void, check 429 $15 Waupaca County for address copies, check 430 $19.82 to Multi Media, check 431 $100 Riverwalk donation, check 432 $37.37 to County Post. Subtracting the $976.46 in expenses left $1,589.61 in checking as of Oct. 29, 2013.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the treasurer’s report as presented. Passed.

Bertelson gave a dam update. The bottom draw project contractor did not install the valve correctly. It is leaking. Davy Engineering canceled the contract and exercised the surety bond. Another contractor, InfraTek will repair the work. This firm was hired by the Village of Iola. Work begins Nov. 4. Bertelson said he would be there. Grate clips will be

put in. The turbidity barrier will be removed. The damaged park bench will be paid for by insurance to the American Legion. Of the disputed $10,673.90 bill from Peak, Davy cleared $2,955. This was paid by the village. This included $938 for a cement plug, the cost of a cement floor and $812.50 for Brian Watters. An airbag will be used to seal off the outflow valve intake in order for repairs to be done. No water is flowing over the dam. The new boards are higher than the old. The middle bay has been cut down. All three will be cut down eventually to the same level and scallops at the tops will be added to allow water to flow. This work will be done yet this year though warping makes it harder. Tom Fucik has asked village to cover riprap with fill and then seed it to cover up rocks and prevent their being thrown into the spillway. Railings need to be added and signage put in to identify dam and warn of $1,000 fine for tampering.

Under new business, with Mike Devine getting ready to leave for the winter, Jerry Harvancik’s name on the checking account needs to be replaced with John Bertelson’s name. Devine reported that the First National Bank was supplied with the district’s tax number, bylaws and Terry Murphy obtained a copy of the Waupaca County board ordinance establishing the district in 1991. The bank also wants the official minutes of the meeting at which the name change on the checking account is authorized.

Terry Murphy moved and Gary Richards seconded a motion to authorize the replacement of Jerry Harvancik’s name on the district’s bank accounts wherever it appears with John Bertelson’s name so he can sign checks when necessary. Motion passed.

Bertelson reported that the district has a page on the Village of Iola website. He would like to put a year’s worth of meetings on it, a 2014 calendar of events, budget and a spending summary. He also would like to put the web address of the district on the annual meeting notice mailed to all district property owners.

Bertelson gave a season wrap-up. Harvancik did not run again as lake commissioner and Bertelson replaced him and became president. The dam project hopefully will be finished on Nov. 4. He will keep an eye on it. The lake was refilled late because of the dam project, but after two years it is done. DNR will help the district through its issues. There were 30 hours of week havesting. A 5-year harvest permit was approved. It will be modified year by year by DNR. Dam inspection was done by Davy Engineering in 2012 and report was just received.

Harvancik said the portion of the dam project (boards and cement work) not done by the problem contractor but locally went off without a hitch. It helped the dam safety ratings.

Bertelson said an emergency action plan for the Iola dam was obtained from village attorney Bruce Meagher. Operation is shared by mill owner Tom Fucik and Herb Trinrud of the village. Fucik’s hydroelectric generator uses electronic sensors to control water level. Bertelson also has Fucik’s operation plan for the dam and he will compare the two. Results of the DNR fish survey have not yet been provided to the district.

There will be no ice fishing contest in February 2014. March 25 will be the first meeting date next year.

Ray Yanuke asked if there are chemicals to kill cattails because they have taken over large areas. Clifford Schmidt says chemical treatment is pricey because the whole plant must be sprayed. Any cattails in more than 1.5 feet of water will not survive anyway.

Next year’s meeting dates will be March 25, permit discussion; April 29, budget, annual meeting agenda and nominations; June 7, annual meeting; June 24, election of officers; July 29; Aug. 26; Sept. 30 and Oct. 28.

Bertelson will talk to Doug at Sentry Foods to reserve brat fry dates in 2014. Jerry Harvancik said he already had secured the date for the community rummage sale.

Ron Thierfelder asked that fish survey results be put on the web page. Bertelson agreed and said depth study results done over the winter will be put there also.

Bertelson noted that on Oct. 16 a group of high school students cleaned up the brush round the dam and the bridge. He asked board members to sign a thank-you card.

Terry Murphy expressed extra personal thanks for the job Bertelson did in keeping track of the dam project, taking photographs and witnessing the work as it was done. Bertelson received an ovation.

Vicki Bellows requested an emailed notice for the annual meeting. That can be done.

Murphy/Richards moved to adjourn. Passed. The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Bertelson at 6:53 p.m.

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