Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held at 6 p.m. March 25, 2014, at the Village of Iola Community Center.

Present: John Bertelson, Gary Richards, Dave Harper

Absent: Mike Devine, Terry Murphy

Also present: Clifford Schmidt, Roger Aasen, Merlin Mayer, Norm Perry, Ron Thierfelder, Jack Kuhr, Ed Staal, Jerry Harvancik

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He made the open meeting statement that the notice of the meeting was properly posted and published in the newspaper of record, the County Post West.

Harper/Richards moved to approve the agenda. Passed.

The minutes of the Oct. 29, 2013, minutes were moved as corrected by Richards/Harper. InfraTek was corrected to Infratech and “week havesting” was corrected to “weed harvesting.” Passed.

The treasurer’s report was given by Bertelson in the absence of Treasurer Mike Devine. The money market account as of Oct. 29 was $8,894.48. Checking was $1,589.61. A check for $10 was written in December for the Christmas Parade candy. A check for $461.74 was received from the Town of Iola as a second 2013 tax payment. A check for $30 was written for Chamber Bucks for a February 2014 Iola Winter Carnival raffle donation. A check for $642.84 from the Town of Iola was received as the first tax payment for 2014. As of March 25, 2014, the checking account balance is $2,654.19. The $10 and $30 checks will be taken from the brat fry funds.

Harper/Richards moved to authorize the use of the brat fry funds for the $10 and $30 checks. Motion passed.

Bertelson said the most recent figure he had for the brat fry fund was $1,098, but he would get an updated total for the April meeting.

Richards/Harper moved to adopt the treasurer’s report as presented. Passed.

Under Old Business Chairman Bertelson gave a dam modification update. The outflow valve is repaired. The original contractor had been given a chance to correct it, but did not. Infratech repaired it Nov. 4-Nov. 6. It was removed and reinstalled. On Nov. 18-19 adjustments were made by the company to improve the seal and reduce leakage. The Village Iola now considers the work done. Infratech will look at the valve when it returns for other work in the village. Brian Watters was paid for his concrete work.

The village is working on paying for damage to Legion Park through the surety bond with the help of Davy Engineering.

Cliff Schmidt asks who opens the outflow valve. Bertelson said Tom Fucik, who owns the mill, and Herb Trinrud of the the Village of Iola, would do so. The priority is water for hydroelectric generation, then the valve and then the boards on the dam. Fucik will run the valve as much as he can to flush the bottom of the lake. Work is still being done to adjust the height of the boards on the dam. It is a bit of trial and error.

Jerry Harvancik pointed out the valve releasing water to flush the bottom also improves the dam’s safety rating.

A letter was received from Clifford Mishler thanking the lake district for a $100 donation to the River Walk. This donation was made last year and it came from brat fry funds, Chairman Bertelson said. The leftover Christmas Parade candy was given to Iola Living Assistance. Chairman Bertelson also attended the Dec. 30 Town of Iola board meeting.

The DNR fish survey was done by Al Niebuhr, fisheries expert. The results of the boom shocker study is on the website. The lake lost 80-90 percent of fish compared to 2003 survey. The late fill last year hurt spawning. It should be better this year. Pan fish should take off. Another boom shock survey will be done this year and possibly next year. Large mouth bass and fingerling northerns will be stocked this year and next. The fish population will take up to five years to come back. DNR will do all it can to help. Ted Johnson is working on the depth survey comparing measurements taken pre-drawdown with those taken afterwords. There was a one foot maximum gain at the lower end. There are no upper end measurements and Johnson wants to take them to provide a new baseline. The best depth gains appear to be on the upper end but these have not yet been confirmed by measurements.

One lock on the dam doesn’t belong to the district. The district needs to get a set of locks and two keys. One lock belongs to Tom Fucik.

Chairman Bertelson in discussing the 2014 district calendar said the Old Car Show building is not available on June 7. It was suggested to change the date to June 14 or to see if the Fitness Center room was available June 7 for the annual meeting.

The village website is www.IolaVillage.com. The lake district is listed on the black bar to get to its page. For permitting considerations, these can be posted electronically now rather than sending out individual notices to property owners.

The district got a new weed harvesting permit in 2013 and it will be adjusted by DNR each year.

Weed harvesting was cancelled on the lake in 2011 and 2012 because of the drawdown. When cutting resumes, Schmidt said the rates the district would pay on the remainder of his contract with the district would be $170 per hour in 2014 and $175 in 2015.

A discussion occurred regarding blanket permits for lake property owners’ weed control. District permits are for chemical control of invasive species. A blanket nuisance permit for individual home owners could involve 98 parcels on the water in 83 names. Ted Johnson will examine them.

For the upcoming budget, schedule of payments to repay the dam improvement loan (valve installation) must be taken into account. The district owes $24,879.33. The repayment schedule has payments of $8,880.54 on Dec. 10 in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The loan was taken out from the First National Bank by the Village of Iola and the lake district pays the money to the village, which then repays the loan.

Chairman Bertelson issued a call for volunteers at the upcoming brat fries. Shifts are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 10, July 19 and Sept. 6.

Chairman Bertelson will appoint an election committee and audit committee.

Harper/Richards moved to adjourn the meeting. Passed

The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Bertelson at 6:55 p.m.


Dear Iola Lake District Property Owner:

The Lake Iola Lake District annual meeting will be held at 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Saturday, June 7, 2014, at the Iola-Scandinavia High School Auditorium.

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Call to order

2.     Approval of the agenda

3.     Secretary’s report

4.     Treasurer’s report

  1. Chairman’s report

6. New business

   a.) 2014-2015 budget (see details below)

   b.) 2014 property tax levy. If the budget presented below is adopted, the tax levy is $43,555.54, up from $27,425 last year. Weed cutting resumes and debt repayment is due. For comparison, the levy in 2010 before the drawdown was $32,953

   c.) Election of three-year board member. The term of Mike Devine expires. Mike Devine nominated.

   d.) Other business that may legally come before the annual meeting

7. Adjournment

Budget recommendation for Year 2014-2015


Tax levy:         $43,555.54

Old Car Show:   $1,200.00 (Earned by volunteers at Old Car Show. If you haven’t helped before, please consider.)

Shared revenue     $50.00   (Payment from State of Wisconsin)

Total income:   $44,805.54

Uncommitted fund balance 4/29/14: $31,272.78

Note: The district budget is front-end loaded. Income comes to the district primarily from the tax levy, which is collected from December until spring. Expenses occur almost exclusively from June through September. As these are paid, our fund balance is drawn down to meet them and then is replenished with the levy adopted at annual meeting.

Projected 2014-2015 expenses

Dam loan repayment    $8,880.54

DNR permits                       300.00

Publication fees                   300.00

Attorney                              500.00

WCLA                                   25.00

Annual meeting                 $600.00 (This includes cost of this mailing, auditorium rental)

Weed control                 $7,000.00 (Annual invasive weed spraying)

Weed cutting              $27,200.00 (Last year we spent $5,000 on weed cutting)

Contingency                                0

Total:                           $44,805.54


Dam loan repayments of $8,880.54 are due in December 2014, December 2015 and December 2016.


David C. Harper, Secretary

P.O. Box 93

Iola, WI 54945

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District commissioners held Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at the Village of Iola Community Center at 6 p.m.

Present: Dave Harper, John Bertelson, Terry Murphy, Gary Richards, Mike Devine

Also present: Holly Neuman, Cliff Schmidt, Merlin Mayer, Ron Thierfelder, Jerry Harvancik

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He gave the open meeting statement to indicate the agenda had been properly posted and published in the newspaper of record.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the agenda as written with the exception that Item 6a was moved to the end of the list of items. Motion passed.

Devine/Richards moved to adopt the minutes of the March 25, 2014, meeting as written. Passed.

Mike Devine gave the treasurer’s report. He said a $19.24 bill for a legal notice was not yet paid. As of Jan. 1, 2014, the money market account had $8,894.48 in it and checking was $2,041.35. A $30 check went to the Chamber of Commerce for a Chamber Bucks donation. A check for $17.41 was written to the County Post March 31. Deposited were two checks from the Town of Iola, one in the amount of $642.84 and the other $459.36. The Village of Iola check for $25,840.61 was deposited April 22. The checking balance was $3,096.14 April 29. This includes $1,272.25 in brat fry funds. Total funds in both accounts stands at $37,831.23 as of April 29. The loan balance for the dam modifications stands at $24,879.33.

Chairman Bertelson noted that payment of $941.55 was still to come from the Town of Iola.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

A discussion occurred about this spring’s chemical application for Eurasian water milfoil. $7,000 is in the budget passed last year and the $270 price of a DNR permit to treat up to 10 acres. Cliff Schmidt would monitor the lake for proper timing and to see if it is needed at all this year.

Chairman Bertelson talked about a blanket chemical treatment permit for lake property owners who might want to participate. There is a $20 fee per application and a $25 per acre charge. If 20 homeowners participate, the treatment area might total 3 acres.

Harper/Devine moved to authorize the district to apply with DNR for a blanket chemical permit on behalf of all individual property owners on the lake who wish to participate at a cost of no more than $200. Motion passed.

Chairman Bertelson reported on annual meeting time and site options. The Old Car Show building would cost $85 on June 14. The Fitness Center on June 7 would have no cost but has a capacity of 75 persons. The I-S High School auditorium on June 7 would cost $10 for two hours. Three hours would be $12.50.

Murphy/Richards moved to choose the high school auditorium for the meeting at 9 a.m. on June 7. Passed.

A budget was crafted by the commissioners. Harper/Murphy moved to adopt as the 2014-2015 budget recommendation to the annual meeting a budget that balanced income and expenses at $44,805.54. Motion passed.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt a tax levy recommendation of $43,555.54. Passed.

Harper/Murphy moved to nominate Mike Devine for a three-year term and make this recommendation to the annual meeting. Passed.

Devine/Harper moved to put John Bertelson’s name on the money market account as well as the treasurer’s. Passed.

John Bertelson reported that his review of the bylaws and state law indicate that emailed annual meeting notices cannot substitute for mailed notices.

He said the no wake designation on the lake by current law means 100 feet from shore.

Devine/Richards moved to recommend to the village that it post a sign saying “No Wake Within 100 Feet of Shore.” Passed.

Harper/Murphy moved to adopt the agenda for the annual meeting notice as constructed. Passed.

Murphy/Richards moved to adjourn. Passed.

Chairman Bertelson adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Minutes of the annual meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District held at 9 a.m. June 7, 2014, at the Iola-Scandinavia High School auditorium.

Commissioners present: Mike Devine, Terry Murphy, John Bertelson and Dave Harper

Absent: Gary Richards

The meeting was called to order at 9:06 a.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He read the open meeting statement. He introduced the commissioners present.

Alan O’Connor/ James Brost moved to adopt the agenda as mailed to all lake property owners. Motion passed.

Roger Olson/Jack Kuhr moved to adopt the secretary’s report, which consisted of a hand-out of the minutes of the June 1, 2013 annual meeting plus the single sheet containing the agenda and budget recommendation. Motion passed.

The treasurer’s report was given by Mike Devine. As of June 7 there is 3,536.40 in checking and 34,735.09 in the money market account for a total of $38,271.49. The May 10 brat fry earned $472. The distract balance includes $1,744.25 earned at this and prior brat fries.

Jack Kuhr/Alan O’Connor moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Motion Passed.

John Bertelson gave the chairman’s report. It was a PowerPoint style presentation. “When the computer battery runs out, I’m done,” he joked.

The lake drain at the dam was installed wrong, but it was adjusted in November 2013. It has been used since April 2014 without problems. Infratech was hired to do the adjustments. At the request of the district, the Village of Iola borrowed money for dam drain work. The district will repay the village in three annual installments of $8,880.54 each in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Interest is 3 percent.

Drawdown: the lake was refilled late. The district did not chemically treat it last year. A sum of $5,000 was spent for 30 hours of weed cutting in which 40 tons were removed. The fish survey shows an 80 percent population loss in the drawdown. The DNR stocked 15,451 northerns and 5,148 large mouth bass. In 2014 the DNR has already added 10,300 northerns and plans to add another 5,150 large mouth bass. DNR’s Al Niebur projects a 3-5 year recovery timeline.

DNR’s Ted Johnson did a depth study. The data show a half foot average gain in depth while the main channel shows a loss of depth in some points. The maximum channel loss was 1.7 feet. Overall, 53 points were measured and 9 were shallower. On average there was a 12 percent depth gain. The upper end looks much better, although measurements were not taken there.

James Brost asked why the channel lost depth. Bertelson said he would ask the DNR. Brost further asked about moving logs. Bertelson said it is not allowed unless they interfere with navigation.

Steve Brester said shoreline weeds were expected to die and asked when that would be. Bertelson said wait and see and that there would be a shoreline clean up that he would mention later in the meeting.

Tom Fucik said some weeds have started to float downstream. Root systems are intact on them so they are not being shredded by propellers.

Doug Smith asked why the district does not dredge. Bertelson said for dredging permitting is necessary, the sediment must be tested first and the process is more costly.

Tom Francis said he has heard this before and asked why no study has been done. Bertelson said a study costs money. Weyauwega did a study and pulled the plug on it.

Al O’Connor asked how to get the results. Bertelson said meeting minutes are on the website.

James Brost said lily pads will come back. Bertelson noted that the district is permitted only to treat curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian water milfoil.

James Brost asked what the purpose of the lake drain is. Bertelson says water released through it flushes the bottom of the lake. Jerry Harvancik pointed out that the flushing process was impeded as the drawdown did not take the lake level low enough. That may account for loss of channel depth. Bertelson said the delays with the drain are what prevented this.

Weed control: Bertelson said DNR issued the district a 5-year weed cutting permit last year. DNR would take a plant survey in July or August and would modify the permit accordingly. Onterra did a study in 2007.

Bertelson reported that Cliff Schmidt found CLF at the upper end of the lake but it is too late in the season to treat this year. For EWM he found few examples mostly in the motel bay. It is currently not economical to treat. It can be hand removed, but that is a delicate process. An organization, Golden Sands RC&D works with lake volunteers who want to undertake the hand removal process.

The district previously approved $200 for a blanket DNR permit to allow homeowners to removed aquatic plants and chemically treat their shorelines. 22 have expressed interest. The final sign up is today. Ted Johnson will meet with them all on one day. Bertelson said he would meet with those who cannot meet Johnson. A property access waiver needs to be signed. The final arrangements will be made in the next couple of weeks.

Tom Francis asked how much this will cost. It depends on the chemical used and area to be treated. Mike Devine said $90 is a ballpark figure mentioned by Ted Johnson. Dean Glunn asked whether he would be committed if he signed up today. Bertelson said no.

Under a miscellaneous heading in his report, Bertelson said the district website address is www.IolaVillage.com where it has its own section. On it are minutes of meetings 2010 to date, results of two fish surveys. He said he heard no one mention any winter fish kill.

On May 7 high school students put gravel rip-rap by the lake drain. It will be covered by dirt and grass by the Village of Iola.

Bertelson asked for three people to volunteer to serve on the audit committee.

All lake improvement efforts, such as weed pulling, etc., will help landowners, Bertelson said. Volunteers are needed for the July 19 and Sept. 6 brat fries. The ice fishing contest in February will depend on the fish survey. At present, the intent is to go ahead with it in 2015 during Winter Carnival. In 2013 the district raised $314.25 from two brat fries. The May 10, 2014, brat fry raised $472.

Lake commissioner meetings will be held June 24, July 29, Aug. 26, Sept. 30 and Oct. 28 in 2014.

This concluded the chairman’s report.

Jack Kuhr/Jerry Harvancik moved to approve the $44,805.54 budget for 2014-2015 as printed. Motion passed.

Jerry Harvancik/Al Marchetti moved that the property tax levy be set at $43,555.54. This was followed by discussion. Alan O’Connor said 2013 levy was 37.59 cents per thousand of value for the average property owner. In 2014 that figure is 69 cents, or $69 for $100,000 of value. Tom Fucik said it was down and now it is back up. James Brost asked if it would go down again when the lake drain loan is paid off. Bertelson said yes. Al O’Connor asked what the cost per thousand in 2010, the year before the drawdown began. The answer was estimated at 15 percent more than 38 cents, though no precise figure was available at that moment.

The motion for a tax levy of $43,555.54 was then voted on. It passed.

Mike Devine was nominated for a new three-year term as a commissioner by the lake district commissioners. Bertelson asked three times if there were other nominations. None was offered. The vote was taken. Devine was elected.

Tom Fucik/Al Marchetti moved to adjourn. Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Bertelson at 9:57 a.m.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday, June 24, 2014, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: John Bertelson, Dave Harper, Gary Richards, Mike Devine

Absent: Terry Murphy

Also present: Cliff Schmidt, Norm Perry, Ron Thierfelder, Ken Claas, Merlin Mayer, Lyle Nauman, Dean Glunn

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He read the public meeting notice indicating public notice was published in the newspaper of record, the Waupaca County Post, and properly posted.

Gary Richards/Mike Devine moved to adopt the agenda as printed. Passed.

Devine/Richards moved to adopt the minutes of the June 7, 2014, annual meeting. Passed.

Devine gave the treasurer’s report. He paid to two bills. One to David C. Harper in the amount of $427.77 to cover the cost of mailing the annual meeting notice to all lake district property owners. He paid $73.73 to the Waupaca County Post to pay for legal notices. There is $3,034.90 in checking and $34,735.09 in the money market account for a total of $37,769.99.

Gary Richards/Dave Harper moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Chairman Bertelson discussed a blanket permit for homeowner weed control. Ted Johnson, DNR biologist, said it was a good year for such a permit. The district will pay the cost. 38 owners of 44 parcels met with Bertelson to express interest. Cliff Schmidt and Bertelson also met this past Friday with a few. There are two programs. One is Diquat and algaecide to knock down plans, but does not attack roots. Rodeo is a long-grass treatment sprayed on plants above the water line. It kills the roots. 23 chose one of these two options and 9 are thinking over the weekend. At 9 a.m. June 25 Ted Johnson will be here to look at the properties from a boat. Cliff Schmidt will do the treatments when he is available at the end of July. Diquat works best in warmer water. The district permit is based on acreage. Treatment of reed canary grass is what is most needed.

The process involves flagging with a ribbon on the property shoreline, 15 feet on either side. DNR provides six signs. Every homeowner needs a sign. 8.5 X 11 inches is the smallest that can be used. It has to be yellow. It can be put in an 11 X 11 sandwich bag and put on pier. It needs to be up just a few days. There is a five-day water use restriction on watering plants for food for Diquat.

Schmidt began weed harvesting June 22. It will be 80 hours total this week. He is concentrating on the main body of water taken over by coontail and elodea. Eurasian Water Milfoil has been pretty much eliminated. He said he found one plant at the boat landing. He will ask Ted Johnson about cutting them.

Ted Johnson will do a weed survey in July or August. DNR will help us through our issues. In July or August John Bertelson said he would see if DNR will help us plan for the last four years of our weed-cutting permit.

The second weed cutting will be the end of August. Cost of 160 hours for season is $27,200.

Brat fry funds total $1,744.25. It will be used for ice fishing prizes. Jerry Harvancik will run the contest in February 2015. Details will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

At the suggestion of Chairman Bertelson, Harper/Richards moved to take $50 from the brat fund to donate to the Chamber of Commerce for the 4th of July fireworks. Passed.

Richards/Devine moved to nominate Bertelson to be chairman for the coming year, Harper for secretary and Devine for treasurer. No other nominations were made. Motion passed to elect them to a one-year term.

The July 19 brat fry will be staffed by Ron Thierfelder, Mary Devine and David and Deb Miller. The Sept. 6 volunteers are Jerry Harvancik, Jack and Betty Kuhr and Victoria Fogarty.

Bertelson said he was looking for three volunteers to serve on the audit committee.

DNR’s Al Niebur will conduct a fish survey in the fall when the water cools.

Bertelson asked people to sign up for email delivery of agenda and minutes. July 29 is the next meeting of commissioners.

Lyle Nauman, a retired professor from Stevens Point, suggested that something must be done to control the wild geese population. He said he would volunteer to help district with control ideas and to determine the feelings of landowners.

Richards/Devine moved to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday, July 29, 2014, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Dave Harper, John Bertelson, Gary Richards, Terry Murphy

Absent: Mike Devine

Also present: Ron Thierfelder, Jack Kuhr, Cliff Schmidt, Dean Glunn, Norm Perry, Jerry Harvancik, Sandy Bostwick

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He read the open meeting statement indicting the meeting was properly posted and advertised in the newspaper of record, the “County Post.”

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the agenda as written. Passed.

Harper/Richards moved to adopt the June 24, 2014, minutes.

Harper/Murphy moved to correct the March 25, 2014, minutes to indicate Ron Thierfelder attended rather than Bob Thierfelder. Motion passed.

There was no treasurer’s report in the absence of Mike Devine. Chairman Bertelson reported receipt of a check for $59 from the State of Wisconsin as shared revenue.

Bertelson reported a blanket chemical permit application was sent July 21 to DNR at a $45 cost. It covers 16 owners and 17 properties for the use of Diquat herbicide with algaecide. Checks to pay for the treatment should go to Cliff Schmidt. Cost is $80. He has received six checks. The properties will be marked after the district receives the permit and Schmidt receives all payments. The boat landing could use chemical treatment also.

Harper/Murphy moved to treat boat landing at $80 cost. Passed.

Bertelson reported that the lake looks like a mess. It looked good after cutting but the weeds filled back in after a couple of weeks. DNR’s Ted Johnson and Eric Evensen visited June 25. They toured lake with Bertelson. What is growing we do not want to kill. A homeowner wrote to Johnson to express displeasure with the condition of the lake. He replied with his assessment. Johnson said algae will get better year after year. Weed harvesting will help minimize it.

Murphy said the weeds are better. You can get through them. You have to overlook the algae.

Bertelson said there is more algae because of lack of rain and the flushing action from it. The north end of the lake is more accessible. DNR will do a survey in August. He said he was looking into a winter drawdrawn. Montello does 3-4 feet every winter. Iola would do no more than two feet the first year if it does it at all.

Schmidt reported 58 loads were taken out of the lake in the first weed cutting. In 2010 the first cutting was 65 loads. Now what is there is coontail and elodea. Algae is heavy. There will be more of that in the second cutting. This causes smaller load volumes.

Harper/Richards moved to grant the district chairman the authority to set the dates of the second weed cutting with Schmidt. Passed.

Jerry Harvancik asked if we want an ice fishing contest in 2015 if there is a drawdown. It takes time to run the contest and he is willing to do it if we go ahead.

Bertelson said there has been no contest for three years. He said he would check with Ted Johnson at DNR to see if there is even time to arrange for a drawdown this year. Harvancik asked for an answer as soon as possible. He won’t send out requests for donations until a decision is made.

Jack Kuhr asked if there is a safety issue caused by the drawdown, which magnifies effect of the current to thin ice in places. Harvancik said the contest is done with the Lions because that group has a $1 million liability insurance policy.

Harvancik asked how much can be spent in the event we have a contest. Bertelson said $404 was spent in 2010 and $648 in 2011. The budget for the contest will be looked at the August meeting.

Murphy reported a guest at his motel who grew up in Iola had digital photos of the lake in the past. It was beautiful.

Bertelson said the July 19 brat fry earned over $160. Volunteers were Ron Thierfelder, Mike and Mary Devine and John. The next one is Sept. 6. Volunteering are Jerry Harvancik, Jack and Betty Kuhr and Victoria Fogarty.

Lyle Nauman suggested geese control during the June meeting. Harper reported that Village President Joel Edler said the village would back it with financial support.

Dean Glunn asked about Silver Mist Garden Center for harvesting floating weeds. A discussion followed. It is illegal to take weeds out by the roots in this state with a harvester. You can pull out all invasive species. Bertelson said any homeowner can apply for a DNR permit to treat the shoreline. Bertelson said he would look into Glunn’s report of s chemical to take care of muck on the bottom to see what might be done.

Schmidt asked if the district should buy its own harvester. Murphy said it was looked into. Maintenance and finding volunteers to run it are hard to do. Bertelson said he would look into it.

Murphy/Richards moved to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday, August 26, 2014, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Gary Richards, Dave Harper, Terry Murphy, John Bertelson, Mike Devine

Also present: Dottie and Steve Fleckenstein, Cliff Schmidt, Merlin Mayer, Norm Perry, Al Marchetti, Ron Thierfelder, Jack Kuhr, Jerry Harvancik and Lyle Nauman.

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He made the open meeting statement and introduced the commissioners.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the agenda as written. Passed.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the minutes of the July 29, 2014, meeting. Passed.

Mike Devine gave the treasurer’s report. He had bill of $12.43 for a legal notice in the County Post. Cliff Schmidt’s invoice for 80 hours of cutting at $170 an hour June 22-July 1 was $13,600. It was paid July 3. Schmidt removed 58 loads totaling 145 tons and reported curly-leaf pondweed is lightly scattered in the lake and chemical treatment is needed in 2015. Eurasian Water Milfoil is under control. He saw northerns and some bass in the lake. The brat fry July 19 raised $168.30. As of July 29, there was $21,135.09 in the money market account, $3,100.98 in checking totaling $24,236.07. Included in the district funds is a balance of $1,917.30 earned from brat fries. He had another legal notice bill for $11.02. As of Aug. 26 there is $21,135.09 in the money market account and $3,067.55 in checking for a total of $24,202.64. He deposited $59 from Wisconsin shared revenue, paid $80 to Schmidt to cover chemical treatment fee at boat landing. Paid $12.43 to County Post and the brat balance is $1,917.30.

Harper/Murphy moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Cliff Schmidt said he cut 62 hours of a planned 80. He stopped because the lake did not need anymore cutting. He took out just 20 loads. Elodea and coontail have disappeared. He asked that his contract be extended in light of the unused hours. He currently has 160 hours at $175 an hour contracted with the district in 2015.

Harper/Murphy moved to recommend to the 2015 annual meeting that it extend the contract for weed cutting with Schmidt Landscaping by one year to add 160 hours at $175 an hour in 2016. Passed.

The expense and budget numbers so far this year show that we will be able to pay all of our bills. There had been a fear of a shortfall expressed earlier in the year.

On Aug. 6 fifteen properties were chemically treated with Tribune and Cutrine Plus. One week after canary grass turned brown, lily pads brown, algae gray but milfoil remained green. Overall, the treatment did what it was intended to do. Algaecide treatment should be considered in more areas of the lake.

Schmidt said the DNR visit today did not observe any EWM.

Bertelson said it was hard to find the channel north of Frogner’s Island, but after cutting the channel is clean. There are pockets of curly-leaf pondweed at upper end of lake. Schmidt cautioned that there is a collapsing leaf pondweed that looks similar. Bertelson reported that chara floating at the end of his dock sank to the bottom with recent rain.

Bertelson talked to Dan Easter, president of the Montello lake district about a winter lake drawdown. It works for EWM. Bays are treated chemically. For Iola no major drawdown is recommended. Ted Johnson of DNR says a partial drawdown should be considered in the future instead of a full one. Montello has a 9-year-old harvester that was bought new. Montello cut’s May to September. They pay an operator $13 an hour to run it 40 hours a week. Districts with cutters also must have insurance, elevator, dump truck and storage arrangements. Bertelson said he won’t pursue this any further until the Iola district finishes paying of the loan for work at the dam.

Murphy asked for cost of new harvester. Schmidt said $200,000 for harvester, elevator, trailer and dump truck. Plus there is the need to store the equipment. A harvester alone is $80,000. An onboard guidance system, which makes cutting much more efficient adds another couple of thousand dollars.

Jerry Harvancik reported he attended an Aug. 13 winter carnival meeting. The lake district ice fishing contest will be on the poster. He has sent in a donation request to Fleet Farm. He suggested a $700 prize budget be approved so every kid can win something. It will also pay for a portable toilet and thank-you ads. Posters are printed by Chet Krause’s office. Sturm’s donates hot chocolate mix. Food is also sold.

Murphy/Harper moved to authorize expenditure on the ice fishing contest of up to $800 from the brat fund to cover these costs. Passed.

Harvancik reminded everyone that the contest is jointly with the Lions because that organization carries the liability insurance.

Lyle Nauman provided information for next year’s goose population control effort. He said call Mike at APHIS in the USDA Wildlife Services at (800) 433-0663. Goose roundups are done in June or early July. The cost is $2,000 plus some volunteers. The district should contact them early next year. Dave Harper will bring the matter to the village board.

Bertelson said the village has installed the No Wake sign at the boat landing. Al Niebuhr of DNR says 5,150 large-mouth bass were stocked last week and 10,000 northerns earlier this summer. DNR will shock the lake in late September to study fish population. Bertelson passed out proposed revisions to DNR pan fish rules, but they do not apply in Iola. A public hearing is Sept. 3 in Waupaca. The DNR was here today making survey of types and amounts of weeds. An aquatic invasive species group survey is Sept. 9.

Volunteers for the Sept. 6 brat fry are Jerry Harvancik, Jack and Betty Kuhr and Victoria Fogarty.

Steve Fleckenstein asked if the new drain pipe was doing its job. Bertelson reported that Tom Fucik had not had it open for a few weeks. He keeps a log of times he opens it. It needs to be attended when open. It is best to open it when ice is still on the lake to flush the bottom. A whirlpool can form if it is opened too wide.

Richards/Murphy moved to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:16 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday, September 30, 2014, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Dave Harper, Gary Richards, Terry Murphy, John Bertelson, Mike Devine

Also present: Norm Perry, Jack Kuhr, Ron Thierfelder, Merlin Mayer, Cliff Schmidt, Roger Olson, Dean Glunn, Jerry Harvancik

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of allegiance. He read the open meeting statement. He introduced the commissioners.

Richards/Devine moved to adopt the agenda as written. Passed.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the minutes of the Aug. 26 meeting. Passed.

Mike Devine gave the treasurer’s report. Since the last meeting the starting balance was $21,135.09 in the money market account. An invoice from Schmidt Landscaping for 62 hours of work done Aug. 18-27 totaling 21 loads weighing 52.5 tons was $10,540. A deposit of the Iola Old Car Show check in the amount of $1,653 was made Sept. 23. This brings the amount to $12,248.09 in the money market fund. A deposit of $152 was made Sept. 9. This was earned at the September brat fry. A bill of $11.02 was paid for a legal notice in the Waupaca County Post. The checking balance Sept. 30 is $3,208.53. The combined balance is $15,456.62. Of this amount, $2,069.30 is brat fry money.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Devine said he expected a check for approximately $453 from the Town of Iola. Bertelson said he would check with his records to make sure the payments match the levy. The Village of Iola paid a lump sum of $25,840.61 earlier this year.

Murphy asked if insurance covered corrective work on the dam. The answer is yes, but the village paid the cost and was reimbursed.

Bertelson said a Waupaca County Post article last week said we no longer had a weed problem, though that is not the case. The purpose of the article was to point out that there were not enough weeds for the planned two weeks of harvesting in August, which resulted in cost savings. He also said on Sept. 8 a specialized DNR group that surveys lakes picked Iola at random. The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) group did a one-day follow-up from last year. It found purple loosestrife, Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM), Curly-Leaf Pondweed and a banded mystery snail that is considered invasive. They did not find any spiny water fleas or zebra mussels. The EWM they found in the channel islands north of the park and two areas of hybrid EWM. Schmidt said the hybrid is more difficult to control and we need to keep an eye on it.

Bertelson said the results of the four-day DNR point intercept acquatic plant study was conducted. Ted Johnson told him the results will come later. The study was finished last week. The lake is better than it was.

Jack Kuhr said the lake looks like a terrible mess now. The algae came back while he was away on vacation. Merlin Mayer said there is some EWM mixed with it. Harvancik said extra sun and heat brought it back. We need some heavy rain to clean it out. Roger Olson recommended spraying to get rid of algae. Mayer said you see algae quite often in the fall. Schmidt said Chara is a form of algae . Spraying doesn’t kill the root. Only systemic is 2-4D. Olson recalled that you could swim in the lake 30 years ago when spraying was done regularly. Schmidt said Diquat was used then. DNR doesn’t give permission to spray native plants. He sprayed McDill Pond and it knocked it all down. Olson asked if McDill could spray 25 acres, why can’t we get permission. Bertelson said he would follow-up on spraying. Kuhr asked if diquat knocks down algae. Schmidt said no. He said for spraying Scott Provost in Wisconsin Rapids is the DNR go-to-guy. Schmidt said the district could also suggest to Ted Johnson that it would like to see more chemical control. He said perhaps Bertelson can ask Johnson to come take a look at the lake. Bertelson said he would report next meeting.

Bertelson said the Sept. 6 brat fry raised $152. He thanked Harvancik, Jack and Betty Kuhr and Keith Basar for helping. The car show check represented 275-1/2 volunteer hours of work. This reduces the tax levy. Bertelson said the DNR was on the lake last night in a boat all lit up shocking fish. There were a lot of fish found as observed by Roger Olson. Bertelson said he went to the panfish rules meeting in Waupaca. It doesn’t apply to Lake Iola. The earliest possible change would be in 2016. There perhaps are grant opportunities in 2014-2017 through the Wisconsin Healthy Lakes Implementation Plan. There are three zones. In-lake zone affecting “fish sticks,” etc., transition zone protected by 350 square feet of native plantings and an upland zone. He will get more information for the spring meeting. The state covers 75 percent of the cost of this process.

Murphy pointed out that Waupaca County shoreline zoning applies in the township while state regulation applies in the village.

Dean Glunn asked about tree cutting rules. Harvancik said you can take down dead trees. Bertelson said he would work with Glunn and email him DNR contact information. Glunn also asked about muck. Bertelson said nothing is clear. It is a question for DNR.

Harper/Richards moved to adjourn. Passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 by Chairman Bertelson.

Minutes of the meeting of the Lake Iola Lake District Commissioners held Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, at 6 p.m. at the Iola Community Center

Present: Gary Richards, John Bertelson, Dave Harper, Mike Devine and Terry Murphy

Also present: Lyle Nauman, Jack Kuhr, Merlin Mayer, Jerry Harvancik

The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Bertelson. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. He read the public meeting statement saying it is an open and public meeting with notices properly posted and in the newspaper of record, the Waupaca County Post. He introduced the board members.

Richards/Devine moved to adopt the agenda as written. Passed.

Richards/Murphy moved to adopt the minutes of the Sept. 30, 2014, meeting. Passed.

Mike Devine gave the treasurer’s report. As of Sept. 30 there was $12,248.09 in the money market account. On Oct. 2 a Town of Iola tax payment in the amount of $453.36 was deposited. Balance of the money market account is now $12,701.45. In checking Sept. 30 was $3,208.53. A check was written to the Waupaca County Post for $10.14. This leaves a balance of $3,198.39 in checking. The combined balance is $15,899.84. Of that sum $2,069.30 is money earned over the years at the brat fries.

Murphy/Richards moved to adopt the treasurer’s report. Passed.

Bertelson said the Town of Iola sum is correct. The total tax levy was $1,555.56. The checkbook will be given to the chairman when the treasurer heads south for the winter, but only after payment of the village loan for the dam, Harvancik’s Winter Carnival expenses check and one more legal notice bill is paid.

Bertelson reported under Old Business weed control that he had received an email from DNR’s Ted Johnson. It is a report that the lake now has more native plants in it. The Floristic Quality Index is 37.5, which is the highest Johnson has ever seen. Wild rice was found in three locations back of Frogner’s Island. Coontail has the highest frequency of occurrence. Invasive species are down. Eurasian Water Milfoil is down from 18 percent to 0.8 percent.

Bertelson went to the McDill Pond lake district annual meeting last week. The district had a drawdown there due to a problem with their dam and EWM is spreading since refilling the lake.

Bertelson said Iola Lake District will have to consider more spraying or more cutting in future. There is a depth gain to Lake Iola. Murphy said he thought we would get more depth than six inches. Devine said his bay is deeper than it has ever been.

Bertelson said we should update our lake management plan as the current one is from 2006 and that lake has changed since the drawdown. Cliff Schmidt will know where to look for invasive species. Bertelson said there are state grants for large scale chemical treatments and for harvester purchases. The small scale grant is $5,000. The large scale is $25,000. He will talk to Onterra to pursue a grant inquiry. He will have information at the March 2015 meeting. Our cost share is 33 percent for the any grant.

Bertelson said Ted Johnson is a duck hunter and this is the first time he could walk out and retrieve his birds on the upper end of the lake. Jack Kuhr observed that there is more hunting this year than in other years. There was a short discussion on the old boat landing at H. Priestly Way.

The McDill budget shows its harvester costs. Stevens Point does maintenance for the lake district. Harvancik said Iola will not have Cliff Schmidt around forever. Bertelson will gather information on harvesters. Dredging at McDill was $250,000 in 2002 and 2003. The muck eating chemical Dean Glunn asked about at a prior meeting is a waste of money according to Ted Johnson. Only drawdowns or dredging can get rid of it. Merlin Mayer said he supports dredging. It was last done on our lake in 1964-1965. The drawdown scoured out the river channel. At what point do we consider dredging asked Bertelson? He will get more information.

A season wrap-up summary sheet was passed out by Bertelson. The 2015 schedule is on it. The lake drain is working. Bertelson said he purchased the Christmas parade float from Ralph Bostwick.

Harvancik said he called Fleet Farm because he has not had a response yet to his application of three months ago for a donation to the Winter Carnival fishing contest sponsored by the lake district. He needs volunteers for the contest. He needs four people from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cliff Schmidt has a generator.

Under winter expenses, Harper/Murphy moved to authorize $25 to purchase candy for the Christmas parade. It is from brat fry money. Passed.

Harper/Richards moved to authorize dam loan repayment to the village of $8,880.54. Passed.

Bertelson said last Wednesday high school students spread gravel and topsoil at the dam. The top boards of the dam still need finishing, he said.

Bertelson said Al Niebur was pleased with the fish population recovery in the lake as shown by the fish survey results. He thinks the lake will be fully recovered in a year or two. He recommends catch and release at the fishing contest during the Winter Carnival.

Harper/Richards moved to adjourn. Passed.

Chairman Bertelson adjourned the meeting at 6:58 p.m.

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