Proceedings of the Iola Village Board of Trustees, Tuesday, July 9, 2018, 6:00 p.m.


     President Edler called the regular monthly meeting of the Iola Village Board of Trustees to order at 6:00 p.m. at the community center. President Edler made the open meeting statement that this meeting and all other meetings of this Board are open to the public. Proper notice has been posted and given to the press in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes so the citizenry may be made aware of the time, place and agenda of this meeting. Board members present; President Edler, Trustees Rasmussen, Harper, Briquelet, Parks and Fenn. Trustee Murphy was excused. Others present; clerk Johnson, Attorney Meagher, Mary Jo Miller and Holly Nueman. President Edler led the Board in the pledge of allegiance.

     Moved by David Harper seconded by Jim Rasmussen, to approve minutes of the last regular meeting of June 11 as written and amended, motion carried.

     Moved by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Kathy Briquelet, to accept the monthly police statistical report as prepared by chief Prahl, motion carried.

     The monthly bills were presented to the finance committee for approval. The finance committee examined the bills and recommended that they be allowed. Moved by David Harper, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, that the recommendation of the finance committee be adopted and an order drawn on the treasury for the various amounts, motion carried.

     Bruce Meagher gave a report regarding the failure of a few Village property owners to comply with requests to abate nuisances and/or comply with violations of the fire code. Until now, the Building Inspector, Fire Inspector and Attorney Meagher have tried to obtain voluntary compliance with property owners. A few have resisted and it is time to begin enforcement of these violations by seeking recovery in Circuit Court. This is already authorized in the Code of Ordinances and Wisconsin Statutes so no action was required to be taken by the Board. The Board did indicate its approval to proceed in such a manner. 

     Mary Jo Miller of Martenson & Eisele gave a brief presentation to the Board. She described the past services her Company had provided and stated that her Company was willing to do more work for the Village in the future. She asked the Board to keep Martenson & Eisele in mind for future engineering needs. 

     The sale of a small parcel of property located partially in Lake Iola to DK Harms, Inc. was discussed and approved. A Deed conveying the property will be prepared and signed by the Village to make the sale in exchange for payment of $1,000.00. 

     Moved by David Harper, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, for the board to approve the proposed preliminary lighting concept and Village cost estimate of $25,000.00 (copy attached) for the STH 49 bridge project as prepared by DOT Project Manager Tyan Barz with the understanding that the State Municipal Agreement will need to be modified accordingly to reflect these amounts, motion carried.

     Parks Chair Briquelet reported that she is looking into the feasibility of building a disc golf course. Library board rep Rasmussen reported that construction is proceeding nicely. Library board member Darin Betshca has resigned and will be replaced by Jill Willems in the interim.

     Motion to adjourn by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Kathy Briquelet, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Dan Johnson

Village Clerk

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