Proceedings of the Iola Village Board of Trustees, Monday, May 14, 2018, 6:00 p.m.


     President Edler called the regular monthly meeting of the Iola Village Board of Trustees to order at 6:00 p.m. at the community center. President Edler made the open meeting statement that this meeting and all other meetings of this Board are open to the public. Proper notice has been posted and given to the press in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes so the citizenry may be made aware of the time, place and agenda of this meeting. Board members present; President Edler, Trustees Harper, Murphy, Rasmussen, Fenn, Briquelet and Parks. Others present; clerk Johnson, Attorney Meagher, Officer Zierler, Mike Mazemke, Todd Gruenwaldt, Nicole Barrett and Holly Nueman. President Edler led the Board in the pledge of allegiance.

     Moved by David Harper, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, to approve minutes of the last regular meeting of April 9, motion carried.

     Moved by Terry Murphy, seconded by Kathy Briquelet, to approve minutes of the organizational meeting of April 9 as written, motion carried.

     Moved by Terry Murphy seconded by Jim Rasmussen, for the Board to accept the monthly police statistical report as prepared by Chief Prahl, motion carried.

     The monthly bills were presented to the finance committee for approval. The finance committee examined the bills and recommended that they be allowed. Moved by David Harper, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, that the recommendation of the finance committee be adopted and an order drawn on the treasury for the various amounts, motion carried.

     Moved by Terry Murphy, seconded by Pamela Parks, for the Board to grant applications for combination class A liquor license renewal for period July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 from Douglas Kulinski President, Iola Sentry Foods and Erik P. Hanson President, Depot Street Station, and applications for combination class B liquor license renewals for the period July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 from Steve Steeber – Thirsty Perch, Steve Ciselewisz – Whitetail Lounge DBA The Iron Grille, Diane Ayres – Too-Dars Diner, Jeffrey Domask - JD’s Corner Bar and Mary Sisk – Northern Lights Bar and Grill and application for a class B fermented malt beverage and class C wine license renewal for period July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 from Tom Fucik, The Millstone and Judith Bolier – Crystal Café of Iola LLC, pending police check, motion carried.

     Moved by Terry Murphy, seconded by Jim Rasmussen, for the Board to grant application for operators license for the period July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 from Eric Rustad, Mary Oligney, Brenda Ivey, April Niemi, Kristine Forseth, Laurie Sylvia and Katie O’Connell (JD’s Corner Bar), Brian Amundson, Dennis Amundson, Melissa Johnson, Andrea Garbe, Destiny Weed, Lyric Sundance Shanks, Denise Lindemann (Northern Lights Bar & Grill), Penny Kriesl, Angela Halverson, Nathan Kulinski, Kimberly Hartmenn, Bethany Kulinski, Angela Clark, Melissa, Marilyn Hebert, Gloria Searvogel, Linda Hudson, Teri Zinda, Denise Lindmann, Jeremy Fiegel, Kristen Hebert, (Iola Sentry Foods), Jaqueline Barrett, Diane Ayers, Stephanie Haroldson, Kyla Holland (Too-Dars Diner), Steve Steeber, Sherri Miller, Laura Nelson, Mary Miller, Dwayne Long, Brian Ebert, Tim Goli, (Thirsty Perch), Adam Mott, Josh Vannes, Benjamin Hauser, Mindy Rossette, Donna Anacker, Shawn Peschl, (Depot Street Station), Judith Bolier, Jennifer Shustek, (Crystal Café of Iola, LLC), Katie Hauke, Ellen Oligney, Katelyn Hoffman (The Millstone), Kelly Loken, Nicholas Cotrill, Tana Schwartz, Brandon McCormick-Guthu, Doreen Kruzicki (The Iron Grille), motion carried pending police check.

     Moved by David Harper, seconded by Missy Fenn, for the board to grant application for a six month class B beer license to sell at Olson Memorial Park (Taylor Field) at the concession stand and beer stand from the date of June 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018 by The American Legion Shevland-Taylor Post 14 of Iola, Gene Wasrud Commander, motion carried.

     Moved by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Kathy Briquelet, for the board to grant application by the Iola Old Car Show, Inc., Gregory Loeser, President, for a Temporary Class B Retailer’s License to sell beer from the date, July 11, 2018 through July 15, 2018 on the Old Car Show grounds, motion carried.

   Moved by Terry Murphy, seconded by David Harper, for the board to approve applications for temporary operators license to sell from July 11, 2018 through July 15, 2018 at the Iola Old Car Show Inc. by Tracey Ambacher, Earl Baeten, Brian Barlow, Susan Barlow, Dale Bestul, Wendy Bonikowske, Ralph Bostwick, Sandy Bostwick, Mariah Cady, Jack Campbell, Teniesha Cole, George Cuhaj, Jesse Delzer, Edith Dey, Joy Dennis, Lisa Dennis, Dennis Dorshorst, Jon Ernst, Larry Fechter, Mark Forseth, David Garber, James Gies, Rachel Gillixon, Kathleen Harder, Michael Hayes, Fred Hoffman, Phil Hollis, Michael Janquardt, Ron Klein, Vicki Koss, Brian Kozlowski, Nate Kulinski, Richard Lashua, Otto Laven, Ron Ligman, Wayne Luck, Michelle Maier, Sherri Miller, Bill Mitchell, Kim Mitchell,, Terry Murphy, Joe Opperman, Sharyl Peterson, Kori Printz, Jim Rasmussen, Patrick Schaefer, Mary Schwartz, Joan Schultz, Julie Seering, Kitty Tetzlaff, Steve Tetzlaff, Christie Wegener, Jessica Wennesberg, Stacey Wester, Jason Woyak, Norbert Wozniak, Donna Zabrowski and Erv Zieske, motion carried pending police check.

     Moved by Missy Fenn, seconded by David Harper, for the board to adopt resolution #18-02 DNR Compliance Maintenance Annual Report for 2017 for the Iola Sewer Utility, motion carried.

     The chamber liaison report as prepared by Tammie Jo Berg was distributed. Copies of the 2017 audit report were distributed. The library expansion project is scheduled to begin construction on May 21.

     Representatives from Iola Living Assistance made a presentation to the Board. The presenters were Nicole Barrett, CEO; Mike Mazemke, President and their architect, Todd Grunwaldt.

     Nicole distributed two handouts to the Board which are attached.

     The new facility will contain 24 beds and 8 of them will be secured memory care units.

     In addition to the 24 rooms, the facility will include a community room, library-chapel, spa, beauty shop, two dining areas and outdoor porches.

     A recent change has been to use a private road rather than extend the Village street which would require curb and gutter. This can be constructed at approximately 15 to 25% of the cost.

     All of the addition will be on property owned by Iola Living Assistance.

     Construction bids are going out this week and it is anticipated to break ground in the middle of June. Plans have already been approved by the State Department of Health.

     This addition will result in the creation of 16.2 full time equivalent positions and generate salary of $451,000.00 annually.

     Wipfli did a marketing study which suggested that there is a need for even more beds than are being proposed. Pages 2 and 3 of the second handout indicate the basis on which the need has been calculated.

     Nicole asked the Village to participate in the project through the forgiveness of the unpaid balance for the sewer and water bill which is approximately $55,000.00. No payments were made on that bill from November of 2015 until December of 2017. In January, payments of $1,800.00 per month have been made in order to reduce the accrued debt. Nicole hopes the Village will forgive the balance as its donation to the facility.

     This request will be referred to the Finance Committee for consideration. The Village auditor, Jeff Kropp will be notified to obtain his recommendation.

     Fundraising will be initiated soon. The Krause Foundation has made a $500,000.00 pledge and the goal is to raise an additional $250,000.00 from the community.

     As a CBRF, this structure should be populated by many more individuals who are either paying through Medicare or private pay. This can offset the losses that are necessarily incurred by providing skilled nursing services to the medically indigent who are on Medical Assistance.

     President Mazemke expressed his confidence that the project is going to proceed and will be a crown jewel in our community. The existing skilled nursing facility on Chet Krause Drive will be renovated in the future.

     No action was taken at the meeting. However, a special meeting of the Village Board will be convened next Monday, May 21st at 5:30 p.m. to more fully consider the request

     Motion to adjourn by Jim Rasmussen, seconded by Terry Murphy, motion carried, meeting adjourned.     Dan Johnson, Village Clerk

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